Sensor Technology Assignments - Evangelos Alexiou - 1618795

Assignment 1

On my first assessment, I created an Experimental FM Synth Visualiser, in which I edited an Audio Reactive max patch in a way that would create visuals that will react to sounds produced by the FM Synth that I have added to it. Also, I implemented the aesthetic aspect of the visual by adding a color pallet with an object that would alternate the colors in an arbitrary order.

Assignment 2

The second project is an analog-based granular synthesizer using the Arduino board. 4 potentiometors that control the (Pitch and Decay of Grain 1) and (Pitch and Decay of Grain 2). Also, the force sensitive resistor was added in order to control the speed of the repetition of the grains. The synth has 3 main mappings, the 'Smooth frequency mapping', the 'Stepped mapping to MIDI notes' and the 'Stepped pentatonic mapping'. I have tweaked the frequency numbers of the second mapping in order to provide two scales, the Am Natural and Gm Natural scale. Using the device with the scales that I have added can be considered also as an experimental piano roll in which, instead of MIDI Notes it receives the pressure from the sensor to move up or down the scale.

Assignment 3

The third and last project for this module is a VJ device that creates audio reactive particles. The particles can be attracter/controlled with the use of the mouse but their movement depends on the signal received from the microphone and two parameters (attraction and center attraction). I will be using that max patch for the events that I am organising in order to add more to the aesthetic aspect of the event and visualise in a way the sound that is coming our of the speakers.

Link to the max and arduino patches